Enjoy Your Own Solar Heated Pool!

Do you remember why you wanted a pool in the first place? Poolside parties, family fun, early morning workouts and relaxing late-night swim — whatever your reason was, if your pool is too cold to use comfortably you aren’t getting the most out of your investment. Heating your pool with an Ultra-Swim Solar Pool Heater means more enjoyment, more often. Hundreds-of-thousands of pool owners have extended their swimming season with solar, and are finally realizing the full potential of their pools.

Sunshine Lets You Save

Dollar for dollar, of all the options available to heat your swimming pool, solar energy is the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly. In fact, solar pool heating is so effective that it’s the largest use of solar energy in the United States — accounting for over 85% of solar thermal collector shipments according to the U.S. Department of Energy.


home swimming pool

"Since installing your system, we have thoroughly enjoyed the pool more and more. We've had numerous gatherings and get rave reviews. We love it!"

-- Bryan D., Newport News, VA